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How to shop on Space Monkey Meds Official shop.


  1.  Firstly. Search for a product using our search panel and your strain type or keyword such as zookies, gsc, pie hoe, cookie kush, candy jack, dosidos strain
  2. Find an item you like using site shop
  3. Just to add, Browse through the site carefully from Hybrid to Indica to Sativa strain types on Space Monkey Meds official Shop
  4. Searching for and buying a product from our website
  5. Add the product to your cart basket. …
  6. Continue shopping or buy your product. …
  7. Lastly once you are done selecting your desired products and have added to your cart, you can then Checkout and pay.
  8. Having done that and you submit your order, we approve and send payment details to you. Delivery proceeds immediately you pay