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Coming from the Sherbinskis Gelato lineup, Bacio Gelato is a cross of Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint GSC. With such big names influencing its genetics, Bacio Gelato comes through with a thick, creamy, and rich smoke that offers a sweet overtone. Designed with experienced consumers in mind, Bacio Gelato is one of the most potent strains in the Gelato lineup. Grab Bacio Gelato for a late night session or a lazy day with minimal plans.



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lapacboys Organization’s San Bacio Gelato revamp one of the most iconic and celebrated strains in California and now on the global cannabis market. The famous, highly protected and uncirculated elite clone Bacio Gelato x 3 Kings Blueberry lapacboys
Bacio Gelato boasts strong and vigorous vegetative growth while maintaining a more compact structure supported by Indica-dominant fan leaves. The solid and prominent lateral branching creates a very uniform bud development. The dense bud formation results in high flower production in the secondary and third layers of the canopy. The plants are very resinous during the last weeks of the flowering period. The highly complex terpene profile is expressed in solid berry tones with cinnamon and spicy black pepper, accompanied by lemon peel and earthy pine wood base notes. Best Mazatapec Mushroom 3 Gram Capsules online.
Very active and dense growth supported by aggressive lateral branching. More robust feeding regimens are recommend, although the plant is modest in nitrogen consumption to maintain its dark green expression. Ideal for both arid and humid climates thanks to its high climatic versatility. Bacio gelato strain plants don’t need an overwhelming amount of support, but at least one layer of the trellis is recommend to aid in the final stages of budding. Manicuring the fan leaves of the primary canopy layers will create deeper light penetration. They are stimulate during the 1st, 3rd and 6th week of the flowering period. Minimal pruning is necessary for the secondary and third layers of the canopy, as the bud sites maintain substantial development down to the bottom of the stem. Bacio strain 6 to 9 plants per square meter are recommend to maximize canopy space. Outdoors, single cage support is sufficient, although fan-shaped leaves require thinning for better light penetration in later stages of flowering.

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