Banana Hammock Hash


Banana Hammock Hash, also known as “Banana Hammock R1”, is a rare Indica dominant hybrid Banana Hammock Strain created by crossing the Grape God and Mandarin Sunset strains. The fun name aside, Banana Hammock Strain is a favorite patient thanks to its super delicious taste and glad effects. This bud has a delightful and sugary honey flavor with accents of tropical fruits and tart lime. The aroma is equally delicious, following the same profile with added hints of fresh earth.

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Banana Hammock Hash takes the right path when it comes to taste and aroma. Made with Banana Hammock, one of the most aromatic strains globally, this hash has a spicy, intense and long-lasting flavor. As for its effects, it is hashish, so that you can expect a THC concentrates of over 60%. This amount of THC should ensure the proper progression of intense euphoria, invigorating energy, and deep sedation that occurs when the high peaks.


Extreme THC concentration over 60% +
Spicy and intense fruity flavor
Indica dominance effects
Ideal for insomnia and chronic pain.
Appearance and aroma
Banana Hammock Hash looks greenish-yellow, with a dark undertone covering everything. If you’ve seen or taken halva before, then you have a general idea of ​​what their hash is like. It has fiber so that the texture will be pretty crumbly with a more solid look. However, you can cut it however you want. This is useful when making joints or using your bong to smoke the hash. You need a certain amount of soup to avoid getting on a bad trip!
In terms of aroma and flavor, Banana Hammock Hash is delicious, according to users. The fruity flavor is very intense and delicious at times, opting for a great banana flavor that should impress your palate. With a testy and creamy aroma that smells like hashy banana grass, you can’t even begin to hate Banana Hammock Hash. According to consumers worldwide, this hash is more qualitative than many other strains of soup, with better taste and more potency.

Uses and effects

Hash has often considered one of the most potent cannabis concentrates globally, for a good reason. Banana Hammock Hash can reach THC concentrations over 60%, and considering that the original strain is predominantly Indica, the effects should be geared towards sedation and relaxation. One hash advantage that mere songs don’t have is the sheer power associated with high THC levels, which hash is known for. First comes the euphoria, which should fill your mind with infinite energy and invigorating electrifying.
Then comes a wave of attenuated sedation that takes over your entire body. From the back of your head to your toes, Banana Hammock Hash will flood your body with calm and lethargy. It can even send you to a couch potato sedation that ends only after a few hours. Overall this is an excellent variety of hash to try, especially if you suffer from the following conditions:
Lack of appetite
Chronic pain

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1gm, 3.5gm, 7gm, 14gm, 28gm


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