Produced by Humboldt Seed Co., Blueberry Muffin Strain, sometimes called “Blueberry Muffins Strain,” is an indica-dominant cross of Blueberry and Purple Panty Dropper. This cross smells like a freshly baked muffin tray. Its berry sweetness softens with a smooth, creamy finish and makes for a flavorful joint.

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Blueberry Muffin Strain is an iconic variety. It has been a favorite of indica among recreational and medicinal enthusiasts for more than a decade. For the producers, it is a blessing. His Afghan lineage ensures that he and his offspring have a sturdy frame that grows well regardless of weather conditions.
Purple Panty Dropper’s improvement is a variety with an impressive bud structure due to its genetic stability. It has an energizing effect and creamy smoke that goes perfectly with Blueberry. From him, Blueberry muffin weed got its Sativa genes.
By crossing the two, Humboldt Seed Co. developed the Blueberry Muffins strain. It has a delicious blueberry-flavored terpene profile and the robustness of Blueberry. From here, too, the Sativa-trend strain got its sedative properties. Meanwhile, its energizing effects come from Purple Candy, which also enhanced its fruity flavors.

Blueberry Muffin Strain Effects

Blueberry Muffin Strain has a fast-acting high as a result of its Sativa genetics and potency. Its THC levels of 20% to 22% induce a euphoric psychoactive high that improves mood in a matter of minutes. A behavior change is instantly visible among enthusiasts. Users enjoy an innate sense of happiness that immediately makes dispositions optimistic.
Having the snacks prepared in advance is essential to have a good time. After all, although subtle, the blueberry muffin onset of stimulation whets your appetite and makes you eager to eat. With food nearby, users do not need to get up to go to the kitchen to prepare a meal.
After an hour or two, a slight buzzing around the temples intensifies. Relax the face, smoothing the wrinkled forehead, before descending to the rest of the body in waves. Relaxation cutlery, users generally feel a sense of comfort throughout the effect.
Without a doubt, Blueberry muffins weed can be used at any time of the day. It has an exhilarating high that awakens the senses. But its descent is a profoundly reassuring high that, in the correct dose, can cause drowsiness.

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