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Banana Punch Strain is an Indica dominant hybrid that turned into evolved by crossing Crockett’s banana punch strain leafly with the Bubblegum phenotype. This pressure inherited a deliciously sweet, fruity flavor that’s akin to clean banana punch strain info with tropical notes. banana kush leafly starts with moderate cerebral stimulation, heightening creativity and sensory attention without clouding the user’s thoughts. Because the consequences of this pressure settle in, an intense euphoria builds – attractive electricity ranges while relaxing the body. Those mind-altering effects are coupled with a total frame pain remedy – that crushes ache and infection almost immediately. Amateur users take warnings, as it can induce sedation and sofa lock at better doses. Banana Punch Strain has been used to treat various situations and persistent pain and inflammation, chronic stress, tension, depression, and appetite loss.

Banana Punch Strain is an Indica dominant pressure that smells and tastes like the call suggests – an easy mixture of bananas and correct Kush.

Presenting a strong Indica frame excessive, which starts of evolving with laziness leading to complete sedation, this stress is nearly usually prescribed and advocated for nighttime use. Many will discover it challenging to live wide awake after 2-3 hits taken an hour or two before mattress.

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If you crave summer, look no further than the Banana Punch Strain leafly. As the name implies, this strain is perfect for experienced users. With a high, known for its cooling and calming effects, it is ideal for unwinding after a long day. The body stone only adds to the experience, with users reporting a relaxed, pain-free buzz throughout the night.
The Banana Punch Strain leafly, also known as Banana 9, is a powerful combination of two famous Purple Punch and Banana og strain varieties. Symbiotic Genetics bred the strain for a delicious and impressive taste that is only matched by the strong THC content. It is a hybrid that relies on its indica heritage and can produce THC levels between 18 and 22% on average.
Like many indica strains, Banana Punch is highly prized for therapeutic use. The relaxing effects help users manage chronic conditions, including pain and mental health disorders. Prudent use of a bit of Pineapple Punch herb can help users find relief for a wide variety of symptoms.


No waiting for Banana Punch Strain leafly effects to kick in. Over time, the buzz turns into a relaxing high. The talk progresses from the back of the neck and melts into the rest of the body. A wonderful serenity follows, allowing users to relax in the embrace of the buzz fully. Any worries or stress disappear for the duration of the buzzing, which is several hours.
The height of the body matches the size of the head in most ways. It’s relaxing, tingly, and a great way to unwind. As the tingling moves through the body, up to the tips of the toes, the muscles loosen, and the pain goes away. Banana og strain Herb is perfect for helping you melt into the couch after a long day.

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