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Buy OG Kush Online.This strain is perhaps the most famous strain in the entire world.

It makes up the backbone of most of the West Coast strains, and so many people know it across the world for its Indica-dominant effects. Some phenotypes are stronger on the head, and some are stronger on the body. As such, it’s always hard to say whether it’s Indica-dominant or Sativa-dominant until you take the first puff.

Either way, you’re in for a tasty, potent treat. OG Kush arrived in Los Angeles via Florida in about 1995. Some claim it’s a cross between a Sativa such as Chemdawg and the Hindu Kush, but it’s very hard to actually know, as the history has been lost.

OG Kush has many other names, including OGK, OG Story, Supreme OG, The Kush, Kush OG, Pure OG Kush, and OG Cali Kush.

OG Kush is the backbone for many dankenstein strains out there. The reason why OG Kush has been used extensively in cannabis genetics breeding is that it has a very high THC percentage.

 Higher THC contents help people deal with hard-to-reach medical problems, making it a favorite amongst both recreational and medicinal users alike.
Furthermore, the Hindu Kush inside the strain (if indeed that is what is inside OG Kush) gives this strain a strong growth, as landrace strains are famous for their ability to grow without being too affected by varying conditions. The Hindu Kush is actually a very good strain to grow for first-time growers. These are some of the main reasons that there are so many 
different OG strains.


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