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Field Extracts Papaya Hash is a sweet and earthy concentrate that typically results in a solid calming high. The physical effects are usually calming and a bit weaker, but the combo quickly improves the mood.
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Papaya Hash Overview

The taste of Papaya marijuana hides its potency. The fact that those with little or no experience in using marijuana should be aware of.
With the strong smell of the fruit for which it is named, papaya punch strain is potent for the mind and body. It will induce a happy euphoria, increased energy in the user, and a creative approach that allows you to feel productive. A feeling of body blockage can lead to lethargy, couch lock, and a severe case of cravings.

Papaya Hash Effect

Papaya and marijuana plants can contain 15-25% THC, obviously a benefit for recreational users. The patients have found that papaya Strain has its medicinal value. It has been used successfully to control symptoms of stress and depression, as well as chronic pain. And insomnia in insomniacs (despite getting the creative juices flowing, it is highly sedating and an excellent choice for evening and night use).
Anyone coming across Papaya Strain for the first time will be amazed at how closely it resembles the aroma and flavor of the fruit that gives it its name. An explosion of sweetness and mango, with a touch of earth and skunk when burned to temper its tropical nature. Smoke it. You will notice the same, although it ends with a touch of pepper and other exotic herbs.
Gardeners of any level of expertise will find success growing Papaya marijuana at home. It’s important to note that a Papaya strain like Sour Papaya thrives best in a controlled environment. However, it will thrive in a hot, humid climate if you plan on popping in it. It is relatively resistant to mold and mildew and stays short, like most indica strains. The green or hydroponic screen should increase your performance. The flowering stage will last almost eight to nine weeks. The harvest will bring a moderate to the above-average yield of dense, fruity aromatic buds.

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