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Sour Tangie initial flavor resembles sour fruit peels followed by an aftertaste of dirt and diesel. Lab results show its potency can reach as high as 21-22% THC. This strain is known to bring energy with its high, so it’s a good morning or afternoon strain.

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Buy sour tangie strain online. Sour Tangie is mainly for two purposes: high potency and great flavor. DNA Genetics is not messing around since the creation of it. This damn tasty strain combines the beautiful flavors of orange peel and diesel to create a strain worthy of the title Hella Tasty. Its advisable to enjoy inside a flower vaporizer because this allows the full taste profile to get accolades. More explanation is a little further in the article.

Other names for this strain is Sour Tangerine, Tangy Diesel, Sour Tangy, Tangerine Diesel, or Orange Tangie.

This strain is not same with Tangie OG strain, Tangie Kush, Strawberry Tangie, Nitro Cookies, Sour Lime Strain, or Tangieland. These strains all have Tangie as one of their parents as well, as, thanks to its orange peel smell and flavor, it’s a very popular strain to breed with.

Also the creator of Sour Tangie is  DNA Genetics, who is a Dutch seed bank and breeders. This means two things: one, that the seeds are available online; and two, that this strain is going to be very good. DNA Genetics is known around the world for having some of the best strains. Sour Tangie brings together two incredibly tasty and famous strains and creates one dankenstein strain, which is a real monster in both flavor and potency. The two strains brought together to create Sour Tangy were: sour diesel and tangie

Finally Sour Tangie’s best quality by far is its taste. If you’re a fan of diesel strains and you like the taste of orange, then you’re going to absolutely bloody love Sour Tangie. We recommend that you grind up your buds before you smoke them and that you vape them inside a flower vape. This allows for the maximum taste potential of the flower to be released. If you use papers to roll it up into a blunt it will taste good, but there is some adulteration because you’re burning paper along with the plant material. It’s definitely worth getting a flower vaporizer for this one. The full taste profile of Sour Tangie is:

  • Citrus
  • Orange
  • Diesel

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