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The Zkittlez Hash is as stimulating and delicious as a bag of Skittles. With notes of strawberry, grape, lemon and berry, you will taste the rainbow after smoking this Zkittlez strain. In addition to the fantastic fruity breath you’ll inherit after smoking Zkittlez Hash, you can also feel super relaxed, focused, and calm, to name a few. It is a must for any fruit fanatic.

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Buy Zkittlez Hash online.

Buy Zkittlez Hash Online: Cannabis is grown in the northern regions, especially in the Ketama province. In 1992, Morocco cultivated at least 30,000 acres of cannabis. This produces about 15,000 tons of hashish, exported to Europe (especially Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland and Italy).

Buy Zkittlez Hash online: from greenish to brown. Due to the comparatively short growing season, the plants retain a relatively green color at harvest. Smell: Slightly aromatic, not spicy. Taste: Compared to other types of hashish, the taste is very mild. Personally, the taste of Morocco is one of my favorites. Zkittlez strain is very soft on the throat (especially in suitable varieties like Pollen or Zero-Zero) and reminds me of Weed. Consistency: Quite variable, although generally quite tricky.

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Effect: Compared to other types of hashish, Zkittles Strain produces a quite cerebral and active high—power: Light to medium, rarely powerful. Even a perfect Morocco cannot be called particularly strong. (0.9% -10% THC) Availability: Zkittlez Strain is the most common type of hash on the European market. It was only recently possible for the average consumer to find other types of hash on the street. Unfortunately, these names are not very useful. Dealers sell everything slightly better than the standard under a variety of names. Real Pollen is light brown and sold in thick, slightly compressed plates.

When heated, it extends much more than other Moroccans. I must add that botanically speaking, the definition of Pollen is entirely wrong. Miscellaneous: Although the locals will offer you hash exceptionally, very good prices, be very careful. Don’t tell them where you are staying, don’t let the hotel staff catch you with a joint. Paranoia is a valuable tool when it saves you from a five-year prison sentence !!!

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