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Ice Cream, also known as “Ice Cream Cake Strain,” is an exotic and potent hybrid marijuana strain. Produced by Parad Seeds, Ice Cream Cake Strain is a unique and award-winning cultivar. This bushy plant has dense buds with tightly packed trichomes, and the tasty terpenes deliver flavors of vanilla and pine, while the aroma is a pure skunk. The effect is usually balanced, so you will find your body relaxed and comfortable without going straight to bed.

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Ice Cream Cake Strain Overview

You can relive your childhood memories every time you smoke Ice Cream Cake Strain, an indica-dominant hybrid made in California. Famous for producing a few of the most popular strains globally, Seed Junky Genetics surpassed Gelato # 33 with Wedding Cake to reveal a bud that away smokers the best of all worlds.
At best, ice cream kush will give you 25% THC potency, making it ideal for seasoned smokers who want a new daily bud to add to their lineup. Its buds are small and quite dense, but they show hints of purple amidst its incredibly thick layer of trichomes. Unsurprisingly, the flavors and aromas this strain produces are simply delicious. Creamy vanilla and cheesy sugar permeate each bud, and you’ll find that its sweetness lingers long after you’ve finished smoking.


If you’ve had an immensely long day and need to relax, Ice Cream Cake Strain is here to help. Users claim that its effects often start with a brain surge of joy and relaxation, allowing your brain to melt a bit and leave your worries behind for a while. This leafly ice cream cake euphoria might be great for smaller social gatherings, but don’t expect a lot of energy to come with your upbeat mood. For most, ice cream cake weed eventually turns into a body stone sedating in nature and could take a turn on the heavy side. Once you start to feel relaxed, Psilocybin Capsule Dosage can be wise to sit on the couch or in bed, as sleep may be on its way sooner than you think.
While Ice Cream Cake Strain is certainly a variety that is as good as a dessert, there is more to it than agree with the eye. Mental problems have also been said to improve after enjoying gelato cake strain as this girl reduces anxiety and depression with ease.

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