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Jet Fuel OG is a sativa dominant that combines some of the most popular Diesel strains on the market. A combination of Aspen Jet Fuel OG Strain and High Country Diesel resulted in this whirlwind strain. Given its Diesel parents, Jet Fuel Strain exudes a pungent aroma similar to diesel fumes, accentuated by the sweet skunk. Dank vapes jet fuel og immediately takes control of the user’s mind, inducing feelings of solid euphoria. A sensation of cerebral arousal will eventually leave the user in an upbeat, energetic and laughing state. As the reason continues to be in pain, the body will slowly succumb to total relaxation, which does not induce couch-lock but leaves the user in a foggy and lazy state. Jet Fuel is most effective in treating chronic fatigue conditions, mood swings, chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and migraines and tension headaches.
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Jet Fuel OG leafly is also known as 303-seed G6, the ultimate cross of some of the most famous Diesel strains. The Jet Fuel name is not exclusively dedicated to the sweet, spicy aroma of diesel vapors. This Jet Fuel strain exudes to the high-energy jolt of stimulating effects that finally stabilize to provide a dreamy state of relaxation. With a racing high and a scent reminiscent of a pine car air freshener, Jet Fuel is sure to have some going crazy at a party. So this is not a night smoke unless you plan a long, active night followed by an unavoidable accident.

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Jet fuel og strain was created by Colorado-based 303 seed breeders and came about by combining Aspen jet fuel Leafly with High Country Diesel. When these two arrive together, and we were left with a Sativa-powered hybrid. It stays true to the impression of SFV OG Kush and East Coast Sour Diesel in his lineage.

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Jetlato strain buds are punctuated by medium-sized blooms that taper into almost conical shapes. You can see that the bud composition is more sativa than indica. The relatively light fluffy leaves easily detach from the central stems. The leaves are seen to be brownish-green in color and have pistils ranging from orange to the seldom-seen maroon.
For the THC level, jetlato strain is an average of 20%, and CBD is absent at a percentage of 0%.

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