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Buy Lions Breath : Lion’s Breath has been a vape cart logo drifting round in the history of the vape community. we will’t find any verification that this sort of brand exists now, and doubtful claims to it ever having existed.

Lion’s Breath doesn’t appear to have any contact info No reliable internet site (Now a blank internet site), no contact data, and no apparent social media. The whereabouts of this agency or whom might be in rate of it are a entire mystery. Buy Lions Breath

update: 12/05/19 – way to a few remarks pointing us in new guidelines, we did get a couple extra leads as to whom the proprietor of this logo may be. That occurs around right here one in a hundred instances maybe. but, see the update beneath, because we’re nowhere close to confirming a legitimate emblem right here. Buy Lions Breath

But the cartridges maintain displaying up
A Reddit post from a year in the past is our first clue, where anyone asks about Lion’s Breath cartridge safety. two very thrilling things here. First, the Instagram hyperlink the inquirer posts is now a useless hyperlink. second, the pinnacle reply is from someone saying they’re affiliated with “the Lions Breath company,” and answers a number of the issues. We’ve reached out to that poster and feature to date now not obtained a response.


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