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Known for its citrus aroma, Orange Soda Strain is a popular sativa-dominant hybrid that offers moderate cerebral effects. The euphoric effects are pleasant, with increased energy and creativity. Like other orange varieties, Orange Soda Strain has a strong citrus aroma and flavor, with distinctive hints of sweet oranges. It has tiny, dense buds that contain a large number of trichomes and many orange pistils. Orange Soda Strain produces a powerful cerebral sensation that can last up to two hours, perfect for a gloomy day.

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Orange Soda Strain is a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain with a bittersweet and super-sweet taste and aroma. Orange Soda produces a powerful cerebral sensation that can last up to two hours. The Orange soda strains that are cross to create this beautiful bud are Mandarin X Sour Diesel. This is a great variety to enjoy during the day before hitting the beach or attending an outdoor concert. Orange Soda is an excellent choice of weed that’s crushing it with delicious sweet citrus and impressive THC levels.

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