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Sour OG is a hybrid marijuana strain known to provide a balanced high. Sour OG is made by crossing Sour Diesel OG and sour kush leafly. Sour OG Strain has been available in clone and seed form for quite some time. Most samples express dense, round, Soup OG Kush-type buds laden with large, sticky trichomes. The odor and taste are usually an equal mix of both parents, with sour lemon, pine, fuel, and a distinct “kushy” undertone, although some versions have a more fruity profile. Often described as a “one-hit-quit” strain, Sour OG starts with an energetic head high that gradually gives way to a relaxing body stone.

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Sour OG is a cross of two legendary strains: sour kush leafly and Sour Diesel og.

Overview Sour OG

Sour OG is a 50/50 hybrid strain that offers a balanced Sativa / Indica high, an active mind and a calm body. The THC level is generally around 20 percent when grown correctly, with a negligible CBD content of about 0.2 percent. This strain won 1st place in the hybrid category at the 2011 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Michigan.
The variety is green with crystals and orange hair. The buds are round, dense and sticky with large trichomes, the appendages of the plant.
Sour weed smells of lemon, pine and gasoline, with a fruity and sweet undertone. Some fans have described the taste as nothing you’ve ever had before.
When you choose sour diesel og, you can expect to feel calm and in a good mood. It won’t drag you down, and you can still get things done. The high comes on quickly, becomes intense, and dissipates after a few hours when you will relax and still feel relaxed.


Medicinal users enjoy the strain for its sedative effects. People with pain, depression, anxiety and stress use sour diesel og to give them a super high feeling. Some medical users have said that one hit is enough and relieves all pain and worry. Others like it for the munchie effect; people who have trouble eating may be starving after inhaling sour kush leafly.
Recreational users think of sour strain differently. They say it’s fast-acting and induces mind-blowing, dreamy effects. They say the strain works well on the head, offering a happy, chatty vibe or a euphoric high. Beginners may want to choose another Sour Strain. The super moist scent of sour kush leafly indicates a potent medication best served by intermediate or advanced cannabis users who can handle its sedative and euphoric effects. Buy Sunset Sherbet Live Resin For Sale.
Sour diesel og grows well indoors and outdoors, with an average flowering time of 8 weeks. Indoors, simple hydroponics works well, and the plant grows to medium height. The tails of the plant have an excellent structure and a medium yield. Seeds are available feminized, and clones are also available.

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