Super Glue Strain


The Super Glue strain is a potent average THC level of 28%. Suppose you’re not careful with a variety like Super Glue. It will stick to the couch like glue; It’s highly sedating effects. This strain has a tangy and citrus flavor profile for an ultra earthy and refreshing smoke.
A cross between a super glue weed strain and Northern Lights, Superglue (sometimes called Super Glue) is a leaning strain with somewhat mysterious origins. Superglue strain is said to be the perfect name for this strain. Its supposed relaxing effects attend to get users stuck on the couch.
A variety of super glue weed sold by the Boston-based Cannabis Crew dispensary was lab tested by MCR Labs and found to have THC levels over 25%. Limonene were two of the most prominent terpenes in this tested batch. They claim that this super glue weed strain has a slightly sweet and woody aroma.
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When someone hears that a super glue strain is called “Super Glue,” one might assume that it is covered in sticky and hairs. Someone else might think that this super glue strain will glue them to the couch. Either person is probably right when it comes to the super glue weed strain.
It knows that trichomes have a high THC concentration. It can see with the naked eye that it is a potent strain of cannabis. However, SuperGlue‘s THC levels tend to average just under 30%.
The SuperGlue variety produces fluffy nuggets with rolled army green leaves scattered across their surface with long fiery red pistils. The protective coating of trichome hairs is sticky when the bud is fresh, as the nickname Super Glue suggests. When drying, your trichomes look a lot like glue and need to be carefully separated. Once this is done, the vapors of sandalwood, citrus and skunk are unleashed. The burning of the super glue weed strain is reminiscent of a citrus cleanser, as lemon and woody flavors are released along with a spicy aftertaste.
The effect of the super glue weed has been described as a mind-blowing yet comfortable experience. Sounds and colors are enhanced, making watching a movie or listening to music even more enjoyable. This strain could make sitting quietly in an empty room alone absolutely fascinating. Users report experiencing deep, reflective thoughts accompanied by a soothing body buzz. Users seeking relief from cramps and depression can find a replacement with Super Glue.

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